Only fully completed applications will be accepted. Do not send incomplete forms. Scanned forms are acceptable.

✓ Completed Application
✓ Completed signature page
✓ Copy of signed rules
✓ Copy of health card
✓ Deposit

Application, signature page and rules can be found on
Your place on the bus will be secured when all forms and deposit are received.

The USA Tour is $3,500 and includes:

✓ Transportation on the Charter Bus from your pickup location to the drop off location. (see the detail itinerary for the pickup and drop off locations available)

✓ Hotel Room each night of the tour. Rooms will have 3 – 4 students (same gender)

✓ Breakfast is provided every morning

✓ Dinner is provided every evening

✓ Admission to the scheduled Tour activities. (see Itinerary for details)

✓ a USA Souvenir T-Shirt for two group photos and memories

The student is responsible for the following:

✓ Students will pay for transportation to the pickup location and from the drop off location to your final destination (see the detail itinerary for the pickup and drop off locations available)

✓ Students will pay for their own lunch each day

✓ Students will pay for any extras along the way (personal items, souvenirs, shopping, etc)

✓ We recommend bringing a credit or debit card for these expenses

The USA Tour Payment Schedule:

✓ Deposit of $1500 is due with your application

✓ Final payment of $2,000 is due by March 15

Acceptable Payment Options include:

1) American Bank Personal Check, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order (click here for details)

  • this is the least expensive option for the student; there are no additional processing or administrative fees added. Cashier’s checks and money orders can be purchased for a few dollars.

2) Wire Transfer from your home country bank to the USA Tour bank (click here for details)

  • this option is more expensive depending on your bank’s wire transfer fee policy

3) Pay Pal or Credit Card (see below)

  • this is the most expensive option for the student. We provide this service as a convenience to the student and their family; however, it is unfortunate that this method includes a 4.6% fee. Please know that the USA Tour only receives the deposit and/or the final payment amounts. The additional fees are convenience fees paid directly to the PayPal processing center.

USA Tour Payment - PayPal Option
Type Student Name and Country

4) Additional Services:

  • TransferWise is also a service that you may be able to use. While this service does not transfer money directly to the USA Tours office it does allow a student's family to send money to the student's personal U.S. checking account and from there the student can write a U.S. check or prepare a U.S. cashier's check or U.S. money order to send to us for their payments.

    TransferWise offers their money transfer service to many countries and offers a wide variety of currency exchanges. However, not all currencies/countries are available. Please check out their website for more details on this option.

    Remember, this service can only transfer money to a personal bank account in the US. Funds cannot be directly transferred to the USA Tour from a TransferWise account.

    Several students have found this to be an extremely inexpensive option for their family. One student's family was able to transfer funds to her personal checking account for less than $30.00. For more information, please contact the TransferWise website.

Payment Option that are not accepted:

1) No International checks (no exceptions)

2) No International money orders (no exceptions)

3) No Cash payments accepted (exceptions on case by case basis. Contact Tour Director for more details)


In the event that we do not have 40 students registered by March 15 we reserve the right to cancel the trip and return all monies paid.

If you have questions about the various payment options, please contact the Tour Director through our contact form.

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