Rotary Tour USA

Rules of Conduct for your safety

1. There will be absolutely no use or consumption of intoxicating beverages or drugs. Participants will not possess alcohol or drug paraphernalia.

2. This is a non smoking Tour.

3. Stealing or shoplifting will result in immediate return of the offender to his/her US home and further disciplinary action. Do not steal pillows or items from the hotel.

4. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Cursing or swearing is not appropriate whether in English or any other language. Any behavior repeated after being asked to stop becomes inappropriate.

5. Show respect to all students, tour guides, chaperones and bus driver, hotel staff and others at all times. We want you to have a great trip and we will not allow anyone’s rude behavior to spoil it.

6. Curfew will be set on a daily basis. Normally it is 11:00 P.M. but will be determined by daily schedule and student’s behavior.

7. All events must be participated in as a group. During any free time do not go anywhere in groups of less than 4, you are more secure in groups. Let the chaperones know where you are going.

8. Be aware of time, never be late. A delayed schedule means less time to enjoy the next event. You will be fined $.25 for each minute you are late and if delays continue the fine will increase.

9. Hotel radios and TV’s must always be kept at a volume that will not be disturbing to others.

10. Any hotel charges must be paid by the user. Calls can be made from the hotel lobby. Rotary is not responsible for your personal expenses such as movies, laundry, telephone calls and room service. Most hotels charge for local calls.

11. Be responsible for your own personal effects. Rotary will not replace lost items.

12. Do not go into other peoples’ rooms. You can meet friends in the hotel lobby; you and the offending room will be fined $25 if caught in someone else’s room.

13. Rooms are assigned and chaperones are not allowed to change room assignments.

14. You will receive your luggage every day. You are allowed one bus day bag for personal items and change of clothing. You are also restricted to one large bag, which will be kept on the bottom of the bus and this is the bag the itinerary refers to getting every day. The day bag is for each day on the bus with personal and clothing items and must fit in the overhead.

15. Do not block bus isle with clothing or bags. Do not sleep on the bus floor.

16. You are allowed to eat and drink on the bus. Do not bring cans of liquid on the bus, only plastic bottles with plastic screw caps are allowed.

17. Do not place liquid of any kind in the overhead bins. Maintain a clean bus or this privilege will be removed.

18. Use the bus restroom only in an emergency. We will stop every three hours so avoid drinking excess fluid.

19. In heavy traffic remain in your seats or when instructed to do so by chaperones or bus driver.

20. Be ready to unload when bus stops, we often have limited time in an unloading zone.

21. There will be no entry into Mexico or Canada due to single entry visas for some students.

22. Student’s luggage and room subject to inspection at any time.

Helpful Hints

• Budget your money. Allow enough spending money for your meals and other personal expenses. You will get hungry if you spend all of your money the first week. There will be many chances to shop for souvenirs. We recommend credit cards or debit cards. Do not forget to inform your credit card company you will be traveling so they don’t cancel your card.

• If you have special dietary or medical needs, inform the chaperones.

• If you have a problem, ask the chaperones for assistance.

• Bring a plastic bag to pack your wet suit and a pillow for the bus.

• Laundry facilities will be available at most of the hotels, check the schedule.

• The daily itinerary will be reviewed each day on the bus.

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